Eye Safety

3 general rules for EYE safety

1. NEVER look directly at the sun, even through sunglasses or ‘filter lenses’. Photographic film held in front of the eye drops not absorb infra red light emitted by the sun which may burn a hole in the retina (eclipse blindness) 

2. ALWAYS wear protective goggles or safety glasses when hammering, grinding, drilling or welding. 

3. If you suffer an EYE INJURY, see your doctor immediately. 

However here are the first aid: 

Chemical burns the eye. The eye should be rinsed under running water for twenty minutes to wash out every trace of the chemical. Seek medical advice immediately. 

Foreign matter in the eye. Sometimes grit or dust can be lifted out with the corner of a clean handkerchief. However, with large particles this may scratch the surface of the eye and cause greater problems later on. 

If in doubt see your optometrist, ophthalmologist, go to the casualty department of your local public hospital, or see your doctor.